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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

High Definition Metal

Brazilian Death Metallers BLAKK MARKET have caught some images of their last gig in high definition video. The event took place on March 19th, in their hometown, Florianópolis, where they shared the stage with their friends from Big4 and an Iron Maiden Tribute band, wrapping the night up.

These videos have been available on You Tube for a couple of days only, and already got more than 150 views. The first one is a new, unreleased song called 'A Near Life Experience', played live for the first time in this occasion. This new song is said to be part of the band's new material, and might be featured on an upcoming EP; the other video is a cover version for Amon Amarth's 'The Pursuit of Vikings'.

Watch theses videos now in HD!


Reach the band via myspace on www.myspace.com/blakkmarket.

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